Food safety in food processing facilities and the role of insulated metal panels for indoor walls and ceilings

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Food safety in food processing facilities and the role of insulated metal panels for indoor walls and ceilings

Food safety is the lifeblood of the food processing industry, and maintaining a hygienic and efficient environment is crucial to ensuring the quality and safety of the products. The infrastructure used for processing or storage is a critical factor in maintaining food safety, encompassing not only the choice of wall finishes and maintenance but also the overall design and construction of the facility. Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) have emerged as a popular choice for modern food processing facilities due to their tremendous attributes, including the ability to maintain expected hygienic levels, energy efficiencies, and structural integrity.   

Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels

On relation to operational efficiency, insulated metal panels serve two purposes in food processing environments; enhancing operational efficiency and guaranteeing food safety. These panels integrate features for indoor walls and ceilings designed to offer various benefits that make them appropriate for use in food processing facilities. Their high thermal insulation properties help maintain uniform temperatures and humidity levels needed at various stages of food handling and storage. By having such superior insulation value, these panels ensure the preservation of the cold chain ensuring long-term freshness and nutritive quality retained by products such as vegetables, dairy products, or meat. IMPs also help maintain appropriate temperature levels, thereby contributing towards cost cuts through this approach on HVAC/CVAC equipment sizing and utility spending aspects such as electricity bills and supporting sustainable practices while minimizing their operational carbon footprint. 

Norbec-Boucherie-1 Also, IMPs are engineered to withstand harsh conditions presented by some industries, especially those involved in food production where chemicals used are usually employed during cleaning processes. They are designed to withstand the rigors of regular cleaning and sanitizing, which can be challenging for other materials. IMPs are resistant to corrosion, staining, abrasion, ensuring they stay performant over a long period and minimizing the need for regular replacements. Additionally, their durable design makes them easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of damage or degradation over time. This means that food processing facilities can focus on their core operations without worrying about the integrity of their insulated metal panels.

Furthermore, insulated metal panels have been engineered to comply with the existing strict food safety regulations which make them a reliable option that guarantees a clean and compliant processing environment. These materials have nonporous surfaces that are smooth and easily cleaned. As such, they help prevent the spread of  mold as well as bacteria which is a common threat in food processing plants hence reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination. 

Lastly, insulated metal panels take a much shorter installation period than conventional construction materials. This hastened assembly facilitates accelerated construction time resulting in less labour cost and reduced exposure duration against potential external contaminators for the facility. 

Norbec’s Contribution to the Food Processing Industry

With an experience of over 40 years, Norbec is a leading company in providing insulated metal panel solutions that optimize building performance and design across various industries, including food processing, cold storage, and retail. The products designed by Norbec are specifically made to suit each facility’s peculiarities thereby meeting the specific needs of each facility.  


Case Studies Demonstrating the Impact of Norbec’s Solutions

Ninth Avenue Food

Ninth Avenue Foods, a renowned food processing organization was able to use insulated metal panels from Norbec to make its facility more effective and safer. By using Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), Ninth Avenue Foods was able to keep optimal temperatures for product storage which ensured the maintenance of freshness and safety of their dairy products. In addition, hygienic panels contributed to a controlled process environment that adhered to the company’s commitment to food safety and quality. 

Ninth Avenue Foods - Interior-2-1

Technological Innovations

Norbec's innovations go beyond manufacturing panels. They provide a variety of specialized panels, including: 

  • Doors: Norbec offers specialized doors for food processing facilities. Norbec doors excel in energy efficiency, reducing energy costs, and maintaining stable temperatures to preserve food quality. Both door types prioritize safety, energy efficiency, and reliability for the food industry. 
  • Advantica-L® and Stainless Steel Finishes: For facilities that prioritize hygiene standards, Norbec offers Advantica-L® and stainless steel finishes. These materials are distinguished by their durability and ease of cleanliness, ensuring compliance with even the strictest health and safety regulations. 

Customization Options and Installation

When it comes down to the merits of using Norbec's insulated metal panels, it can be noted that they are multipurpose and easy to install. IMPs come in a variety of finishes and sizes to fit specific demands, including having windows and doors. Norbec doors offer superior energy efficiency to maintain stable internal temperatures and preserve the quality of food products, at the lowest operational cost possible. These specialized doors are tailored to the unique needs of food processing facilities. This minimizes the time taken to install and thus reduces delays caused by construction or renovation. This way, food processing facilities will have the ability to evolve with changing needs without losing sight of their dedication to safety while ensuring increased productivity.  

Emphasizing Sustainability

Choosing Norbec’s insulated metal panels is one way to make construction more sustainable. The panels have a long lifespan which reduces the frequency of replacement, which implies that they contribute to global sustainability targets. Norbec products support Green Building Council’s efforts in that matter by subscribing to a full transparency disclosude of their environmental and health data through LEED’s program EPD and HPD.  

In conclusion 

The use of insulated metal panels in food processing facilities marks a significant advantage to maintain stringent food safety standards while optimizing operational efficiency. Their energy efficiency, and compliance with regulations make them a valuable asset for maintaining a hygienic and controlled processing environment. This means that Norbec’s IMPs are highly placed to face the challenges posed by modern food demands by ensuring product safety, worker safety, and environmental sustainability. The success story of Ninth Avenue Foods is an indicator of how IMPs can improve the quality of products, energy efficiency, and all-round food safety in the industry. Therefore, any food-processing facility seeking reliable solutions should consider the insulated metal panels for their next project. 


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